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The Integrated Healthcare Council (IHC) is made up of for-profit and corporate entities that offer a variety of products and services that enhance our member providers’ effectiveness and efficiencies. While they meet formally only on an ad hoc basis, IHC members actively participate in NJAMHAA conferences, committees and practice groups, and receive information on pertinent issues in New Jersey and around the nation. In addition, they benefit from interaction with members through demonstrations, publication of articles and reduced-rate vending opportunities and ads for increased visibility.


Aetna Better Health of New Jersey

With an aging population, rising health care costs and strained budgets, quality health care is an urgent national priority. Aetna Medicaid Administrators LLC (Aetna Medicaid) is an industry leader in coordinating care and controlling costs. We have the expertise to provide seamless, quality health services for the most vulnerable. Our managed care strategies and tools are member-centered and have a proven record of improving health outcomes. We provide services for over 2 million members in 15 states and manage $7 billion worth of health care expenses each year. Our success comes from more than 25 years of experience serving high-risk populations, building relationships with local partners, integrating the delivery of clinical care, and developing innovative programs and technology. Working together with providers and local and national governments, we believe we can help create a better health care system for our members.

Glenn MacFarlane, CEO


Amerigroup Corporation

Amerigroup improves access to quality health care for its members while lowering costa for taxpayers and coordinates services for individuals in public funded health care programs.

John Koehn - CEO


Ammon Analytical Laboratory

Ammon Analytical Laboratory is a state-of-the-art toxicology laboratory. It provides specialty screening, drug testing and other related services to hospitals, substance abuse clinics and behavioral health programs.

Andrew Haupt - Chief Marketing Officer  


The Ammon Foundation

We believe that all people deserve a chance to pursue their educational goals. Continuing education can challenge people in recovery to move forward with their lives while balancing their recovery process. Ammon supports your decision and wants to help you build your personal stability again. In forming this foundation, we want to support those who have found themselves struggling with the disease of addiction and are looking for a positive way forward.

Charles Cardona - Director 

Attitudes In Reverse®

Attitudes In Reverse® (AIR™) was established by Tricia, Kurt and Katelyn Baker of Plainsboro, NJ, in 2010, soon after their son/brother Kenny died by suicide following a long battle against severe depression and anxiety. Their mission is to save lives by educating students about mental health, related disorders and suicide prevention.

Kurt Baker, CFP®, Co-Founder

Tricia Baker, CPDT-KA, Co-Founder

Beacon Health Options

Beacon Health Options behavioral health solutions for regional and specialty health plans; employers and labor organizations; and federal, state and local governments. Beacon offers superior clinical mental health and substance use disorder management, a strong employee assistance program, work/life support, specialty programs for autism and depression and insightful analytics to improve the delivery of care.

Richard Sheola - Vice President, National Strategy & Development


Community Care Behavioral Health Organization

Community Care’s goal is to improve the health and well-being of the community through delivery of effective and accessible behavioral health services.

James G. Gavin, President & Chief Executive Officer


Corporation for Supportive Housing

CSH provides training, education and consulting and engages in policy reform initiative to advance solutions that use housing as a platform for services to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people, maximize public resources and build healthy communities.

Pascale Leone - Senior Program Manager 

Gallagher Benefit Services

Gallagher helps solve challenges of operating sustainable healthcare organizations while meeting the needs of employees and communities.

Matt Jakubowski  - Manager, Account Executive

Horizon NJ Health

Horizon NJ Health is the leading Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare plan in the State and the only plan backed by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. HNJH has one of the largest networks of doctors, specialists and hospitals available in New Jersey.

Sam Currie - Director of Pharmacy


IntelliRide helps provide safe, reliable, cost-effective transportation by seamlessly integrating both traditional ADA and flexible fleets, controlling their coordination with “Smart Mobility Management” technology and processes. IntelliRide manages reservations, dispatch, seamless pickup and drop-off, and monitoring of overall service quality.

Ryan J. Larsen - President

Magellan Healthcare

At Magellan Healthcare, we have a unique vision of better and more affordable care that is helping millions of individuals enjoy improved health and brighter futures. Our whole person approach includes strategic partnerships with providers, peer support and innovations that promote wellness and personal empowerment. Every day, we provide tools and resources that support individuals, families, advocates and communities on the journey toward recovery and wellness.

Glenn Stanton - Senior Vice President


Marwood Group

Marwood's Advisory Group is the leading provider of healthcare-focused diligence services to healthcare corporations and investors. Drawing on the expertise of seasoned professionals from healthcare operations, strategic consulting, investment banking and government, Marwood advises clients on key issues affecting the healthcare industry. Marwood Advisory represents clients in a wide range of healthcare sub-sectors and is the market-leader for healthcare insight and analysis. 

Kyle Holmes - Senior Associate 


OPTUM Health

Optum is made up of three market-leading business segments – OptumHealth, OptumInsight and OptumRx – which together form a leading information and technology-enabled health services business.

Candice W. Nardini - Vice President, Business Development


PerformCare New Jersey

PerformCare New Jersey utilizes significant expertise and integrated technologies to register, authorize, and coordinate behavioral health care for children, youth, and young adults who are experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges.

Kathy Enerlich - Executive Director

Staffing Plus 

Staffing Plus sets the standard in healthcare staffing and niche market recruitment and in providing cost-effective HR Solutions – we welcome the opportunity to work with you and show you "the Plus".

Chris Allander - VP of Business Development

Tabula Rasa Healthcare

Tabula Rasa Healthcare provides medication risk mitigation interventions to reduce adverse drug events, which cause significant (and preventable) negative sequalae, such as falls, emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Calvin Knowlton - Founder and CEO


WellCare Health Plans

WellCare focuses exclusively on providing managed care services through government-sponsored programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare.

John Kirchner - Market Director


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