The World Is Fortunate to Have Support from Social Workers

It is meaningful that World Social Work Day was on St. Patrick's Day this year as the entire world is extremely fortunate to have support from social workers.

Social workers have always played a vital role in enabling individuals of all ages to cope with challenging situations, ranging from unstable housing and employment, to difficult family and other relationships, to chronic physical and behavioral health conditions. They are clinical experts, passionate advocates and, undoubtedly, essential members of the healthcare system.

The value social workers contribute to individuals' quality of life and the health of entire communities has been even more profound during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals with mental illnesses and substance use disorders have experienced worsening conditions - and others have developed or may develop these health challenges - during this public health crisis.

NJAMHAA is proud to represent organizations that employ social workers, along with many other types of behavioral healthcare experts, all of whom demonstrate phenomenal support and unwavering dedication to New Jersey's residents.

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