New Jersey Must Invest to Meet the State’s Increased Behavioral Health Care Needs

January 31, 2024

"While advances in vaccines and treatment have reduced the death toll from COVID and people have gone back to offices, family gatherings and public events, one thing has not changed - the pandemic's impact on the mental health of New Jersey's youth and adults. As individuals of all ages and backgrounds continue to experience anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders, as well as increased substance use, New Jersey must invest to meet their needs and prevent unnecessary fatalities," wrote Debra L. Wentz, PhD, President and CEO of NJAMHAA, in an opinion-editorial piece that was published on

"Every New Jersey resident, regardless of ethnicity, race, language, culture, disability, gender identity or religion is worthy of the State's full investment in mental health and substance use treatment and supports that will afford them access to timely, appropriate, and often, life-saving services. Unfortunately, while demand for behavioral health services has not abated, providers continue to face a behavioral health workforce shortage and great difficulty recruiting and retaining staff," Dr. Wentz stated.

The article highlights NJAMHAA's campaign, Diverse Faces: All Are Worthy of Full Investment.

Click here to read this entire article. Click here to view the campaign brochure and here to watch a video.

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