Adult Behavioral Health Services Need More Funding to Achieve Many More Inspiring Successes

March 14, 2024

Alice's metamorphosis happened with the help of NewBridge Services. After a three-month hospitalization in 2019, Alice began attending NewBridge Services' day treatment program. In addition to recovering from depression, which she has experienced since childhood, Alice developed skills and confidence and has been thriving in a part-time job.

"I love the counselors and the classes! They helped me put things in perspective," Alice said. "I don't feel alone anymore because I have NewBridge! I have hope!"

Tamika's challenges began when she was in school and now, she is in her 40's, a mother of two grown children and thriving.

"The staff at Youth Consultation Service (YCS) saw a lot of potential in me so when it came down to therapy and behavior, They gave me guidance about how to live with my disorder. The whole YCS agency kept me on track," Tamika said.

"I feel like I can fight harder for the clients because I have been where they are. And to be able to give someone the hand that has been given to me - that is everything," Jean Boyle shared.

Jean is a graduate of outpatient mental health services at Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton, which also helped her to get an apartment. She recently bought a house and earned her certification as a Recovery Support Practitioner. Currently, Jean is working to become a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and interning at a counseling and wellness center.

Shauna's experience with severe depression began in 2003 when her brother Mike took his life. She had a suicidal crisis in 2012.

"I went to Carrier Clinic, where I underwent a major transformation and I observed others transform - from withdrawn, angry and unwilling to participate in therapeutic activities to opening up and embracing all that the Carrier Clinic team offered," she shared.

Shauna is Vice President, Public Affairs and Member Services, NJAMHAA.

Everyone's Advocacy Is Needed Now!

Please join NJAMHAA in advocating for significant funding increases in the FY2025 State Budget.

Click here to read more success stories in NJAMHAA's campaign brochure and here to watch videos that feature additional inspiring examples of the value of behavioral healthcare services and the workforce who provides them.

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